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Hacked Paypal Transfer service available

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Hacked Paypal Transfer service available

Post by nj7zk6oip on Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:31 pm

The amount we can only transfer is 1500$ nothing more or less

New & improved Paypal transfers, at a lower price, and with faster service.

Please read this entire listing before ypu contact me.

All transfers should be received either by a middle man account or a throw away account, as the receiving paypal account will get a chargeback and if you cashed out the transfer correctly, will go negative.

Delivery Time = 1-12 hours after the order is PAID .
(Can take up to 48 hours under certain circumstances)
(Please do NOT place a order unless you are going to actually PAY)

icq support is available for instant communication for the status of your transfer, as well as instant notification that you transfer has been sent. This is reccomended, as you will be able to know exactly when you transfer has been sent, and will ensure a even faster cash-out to the transfer.

1. Account must be a Verified personal or Business or Premier Paypal
2. Account must be AGED for a decent amount of time
3. Account must have recent transactions history
4. Must be able to cashout the transfer very quickly after receiving (ideal would be within 1 hour, this is why icq support is offered)

If the funds are held for 21 days or go under review, no refund or replacement
If you account becomes limited/frozen/blocked/etc, no refund or replacement
Once a order has been paid, cancellations are not allowed
Once the transfer has been made to your Paypal account, you then confirm the transaction, then release/finalize the order.
Your responsible for cashing out, once you receive a transfer, no refund will be given, for any reason.

Contact :
ICQ: 701666644


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