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unlimited SMTP for email blast/admin RDP/unlimited Zimbra webmail

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unlimited SMTP for email blast/admin RDP/unlimited Zimbra webmail

Post by nj7zk6oip on Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:33 pm

We provide SMTP server/RDP/cpanel/2018 fresh leads and etc tools for bulk mailing marketing, please

check below avaiable tools list, please do not hesitate add my contacts for professional advice.

Plan 1: Unlimited SMTP server + licensed Turbo Mailer + admin RDP/Price: $155/Monthly

Plan 2: licensed licensed Supmer mailer + admin RDP + 5 SMTP rotate/price: $235/Monthly

Plan 3: Unlimited SMTP server/Price: $99/Monthly

(plan 3 include sender address/username/password/smtp server, need work with turbo

mailer/AMS/Sendblaster etc...)

Plan 4: Unlimited web-mail

Roundcube webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $135/Monthly

Zimbra webmail (bcc up to 1000 emails)price: $155/Monthly

Plan5:admin RDP

1-below location admin RDP price: $35/Monthly



2-below locations admin RDP price: $45/Monthly



m/Australia/Egypt/New Zealand/Nigeria/South Africa

Plan 6: business/CEO & CFO/private email lead

1- business company email leads: $35 per 100k

2- CEO & CFO email leads: $50 per 100k

Plan 7 https cpanel

1-bulletproof WHM + https cpanel/price: $55/Monthly

dedicated ip/host any page/ignore any complaints/client can create unlimited cpanel user accounts

2-normal https cpanel/price: $35/Monthly

for normal usage/host legal page only/one cpanel user account

2Plan 8: email blast sender software

1-Turbo mailer/price: $20 with lifetime license

2-Sendblaster/Price: $155 with lifetime license

3-BBmail email marketing software/price: $155 with lifetime license

BBmail email marketing software can realize multiple SMTP rotate, get better delivery

Plan 9: email extractor/price: $155 with lifetime license

1- lifetime license/update to latest version any time

2- extract email by keywords or URL

3- extract email from targeted country

Plan 10: email verifier/price $135 with lifetime license

1- remove invalid emails/get better email performance

Contact :
ICQ: 701666644


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