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We are proudly announcing brand new dumps, fullz and cc selling service in forum network

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We are proudly announcing brand new dumps, fullz and cc selling service in forum network

Post by blaknight on Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:16 pm

We are proudly announcing brand new dumps, fullz and cc selling service in forum network

Hello all users am selling dumps USA only skimmed fresh i don't believe at 99.99% valid rate,
i believes only at 100% valid rate, contact me if u don't want to look like an idiot at stores, and at shopping
24 hrs replacement ,i do not replace approved dumps only , i always play sixer,s

No time wasters plz,they will be ignored

bin list :
????? ?? ????? ????????????? ??????. ????????????????? ??? ??????? ?? ?????

United States of America

Visa / MC Classic, debit 25 $
Visa / MC Classic, credit 35$
Visa / MC Gold, Platinum 35$
Amex 35 $

Newest CC / Fullz Updates:

New Base Got All Kinds of CC and fullz available .
All CC and Fullz are 100% and live

For whom our service is dedicated for?

Our service is dedicated for professional & long-time in game carders who have their own, checked by time, bins.
This is not a secret that sometimes it's really impossible to get rare bins even if you have fifty seller contacts in your

With our help you can always have the stuff to work with.

Prices for the popular bins are different from the prices in list below.
After update all popular bins are going to auction. You will get your stuff if you will offer highest price per dump.

Replace policy for DECLINED dumps

Replace will be given checked only if customer will complaint on a high decline rate because we will suspect him in

cheating & begging for free dumps (we are knowing valid rate of our base which is always perfect). High decline rate is

10% or more. Also this situation can happens if you will try dumps for high amounts or in blocked countries (e.g. you will

try USA dumps in eastern European countries). Our service is not responsible for those situations. After that replace will

not be given as we are never replacing approved by our checked dumps & we can deny you further using of our service.


You pay upfront always. No delivery until payment is completed.
No free/test dumps will be given.
No advice will be given about BINs.
We does not grantee high balance at dumps.
Service rules can be changed at any moment w/o customers notifications.
Only one contact = 710149441
jabber: ????? ?? ????? ????????????? ??????. ????????????????? ??? ??????? ?? ?????
Contact me: 710149441
Jabber: blaknight @ jabber . at

Our key benefits are:

Always instant delivery when ICQ or Jabber is Online. Not longer than 20 minutes. **
Well quality base.
Safe communications through ICQ or Jabber with OTR encryption.
Loyal replace policy (we are using try2 service for checking, complaint timeout 24hrs).
Regular & strong monthly updates.
The biggest base at market. Ask about your favorite bins — we have them in stock.
Lot's of Discovery dumps in stock.

I can check the dumps at your request.
Instant delivery and replace

no minimum order just 30% fee for drops

the only contact icq$$$ = 710149441
jabber: blaknight @ jabber . at

Accepting MG / WU,/btc (bitcoins)/ WMZ
100% Fresh Stuff From 1st Hand !! PS. I don't respond to "hi, hello, how r u, dude, man etc etc etc". Straight to business

from 1st letter. Thank you.


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